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Benefits Of Choosing A Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump


Although central heating is a popular option, it is not always practical, especially in older homes. Fortunately, ductless mini-split heat pumps can give you the comfort of central heat, but with more flexibility and affordability.

Ductless Areas

The main benefit of heating with a mini-split system is there is no need for ductwork. A mini-split system is the go-to heating source for older homes that often do not have a ductwork system capable of handling central heat. Although upgrading an older home to support central heating is possible in some situations, the costs can be extensive. A mini-split system is more cost-effective for older homes. Additionally, if you need to heat a new room after expanding the living area of your home, a mini-split can be the right heating system to install in the addition. There is no need to extend ductwork into the addition.


Mini-split systems are highly efficient because of their capability of zoning. The outdoor unit, which is a condenser/compressor can typically handle upwards of five indoor air handling units. Each of the air handlers runs independently of the others, which allows for the creation of zones inside your home. Since each air handler can be adjusted to fit the needs of a particular area, it is more efficient than relying strictly on central heat.

A major challenge with central heat is heating in a manner that balances the unique temperature of different areas of a home. Each area in the home may receive different amounts of sunlight or there can be inconsistencies with insulation, therefore any particular air handler can be adjusted to prevent hot and cold spots throughout the home. Of course, mini-splits are ideal in a home with multiple people who have different heating preferences. Everyone can remain comfortable if they can adjust their own heating.

Easy Installation

Mini-splits have a faster and more straightforward installation, making the system ideal if you need a heating system quickly and more affordably. There are various types of air handling units, so you will need to select the best option for your home. A wall-mounted option is the most common and takes up less space. Currently, most wall-mounted units are made to work with almost any décor. There are options that can be placed discreetly and hidden behind a painting or other wall art. Air handling units that sit on the floor are also an option, but they inherently take up more space and it is imperative to ensure furniture does not obstruct the unit.

When it's time to install or replace a heating system, you might find that a mini-split is the right option to meet your household needs. Due to its easy installation and zoning capabilities, mini-splits are among the most versatile heating systems. To learn more about your options, reach out to a heating company, such as TPS Heating & Cooling.


19 June 2023