Gas Furnace Blowing Cold Air? Try These Simple Fixes And Tips


If your gas furnace blows cold air, you might assume there's something wrong with the appliance. Although furnaces can experience problems with their blowers and heating elements, the problem could actually be as simple as turning down your thermostat. Your air ducts could be blocked or clogged with debris. Use the simple fixes below to warm up your furnace now. Adjust or Replace the Thermostat If you're trying to save money on your energy expenses, you may place your thermostat on the highest setting possible.

10 December 2017

Diagnosing Condensate Drain Problems


One of the tasks your air conditioner performs is dehumidifying the air. Water holds onto heat, so extracting as much water from the air as possible helps keep the area cooler. While the A/C unit is designed to safely dispose of the water, sometimes the drain malfunctions, causing leaks and other problems. Here are some of the issues that can develop with your condensate drain and how to repair them.

1 November 2017

Proactive Steps You Should Take To Prevent Winter Heat Pump Freeze-Ups


If your home's heat pump has a habit of freezing up during extremely cold winter storms, then you will be pleased to discover that you can take many proactive steps to prevent it from happening again this winter, including the following: Proactive Step: Build Weather Protection and Proper Drainage Channels Around the Exterior Heat Pump Unit While your heat pump unit must be installed outdoors and in an area with ample ventilation, it really does need to be protected from wind and moisture to work at its peak.

1 October 2017

Combating Excessively Dry Air From Your Air Conditioner


One of the complaints most people have about air conditioning and heating in general is that the air in the room becomes very dry, which affects their sinuses, eyes, and skin. The problem is compounded if someone has to sit in the path of the air blowing through the vent. There are ways to combat this dry air, though, so that your home stays cool and comfortable instead of cool or comfortable.

23 January 2017

Geothermal Heating And Cooling Systems: An Introduction For The Average Homeowner


Of all of the upgrades you can make to your home, choosing the proper heating and cooling systems could easily be one of the most intimidating. This is highly relative to the fact that whichever system you choose will have a direct impact on how much you pay for heating and cooling expenses in the long term. On a search for heating and cooling efficiency, you are bound to come across geothermal systems.

5 January 2017