Doing Your Part to Keep Your HVAC System Running

A few months ago, my air conditioner completely died. I woke up in the middle of the night covered in sweat, and I didn't know what to do. The next day, I called an HVAC expert, and they came out to inspect my system. It turned out that it had failed because of filthy filters and a clogged return duct, which made me sick to my stomach. I had caused the problem, and I needed to learn how to fix things. My HVAC professional taught me a few easy maintenance techniques that I didn't know before, so that I could maintain my new system. Check out this blog to learn more about HVAC yourself.

Should You Upgrade Your Heating System? 3 Signs It's Time


Your heating system will not run forever. At some point, it's going to break down, or you'll have some sort of an issue where your system is going to need to be upgraded. Your system may need an upgrade for a number of reasons, that may not even be because of a breakdown at all. If you aren't sure if your heating system needs to be upgraded, read on for a few reasons why to help you decide.

1. Your System Is Outdated 

If you have an old, outdated system, it may not run in an efficient manner. It may run and heat your home, but it may be costing you a fortune in energy costs on your monthly utility bill each month. If your system runs, but it's working twice as hard in order to heat your home, it may be because of how outdated it is. If your system is on the older side, it may be time to have it replaced with a new one. Discuss the aging system with a professional HVAC contractor to see if your system should be updated.

2. Your System Is Breaking Down Often

If your system is breaking down often, it may need to be replaced with a new one. Repairing your system often is going to add up with time and will cost you a lot more in the long run than it would to just replace your system and upgrade it. Your system may be breaking down often, and it may not cost that much now to repair, but with time these minor repairs are going to worsen, and you will have major issues that will need to be repaired. These major repairs can be costly, and it may be in your best interest to just replace it now.

3. Your System Is Working Overtime

If your heating system is working overtime to heat your home, it may be because it is not large enough for your home. When this happens, your system will run itself in the ground in an attempt to keep up with the temperature you have set. If your system is running often, reaching temperature and then shutting off, only to have to turn back on again and again, it could be because the system is too large of a capacity. You need to invest in a new heating system that is the right size for your home. Discuss the size of your heating system with a professional HVAC contractor to ensure you have the properly sized unit in your home.

If you have noticed any of these signs, you should upgrade your heating system. Discuss an upgrade with a professional HVAC company and have it installed by a professional.


23 March 2023