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Top Reasons To Use A Boiler For Heat In Your Older Home


If you are looking to install heat in your older home, then you might be exploring your different heating options. Although furnaces are popular in many newer homes, they aren't the best option for every home. If you have an older home, for example, you may find that a boiler is a better option for heat. These are some of the top reasons to think about using a boiler for heat in your older home.

Save Money on Installation 

First of all, if you have an older home that has never had a furnace installed, then chances are high that you don't have any ductwork installed in your home. This means that if you choose to install a furnace, you are going to have to pay for ductwork to be installed so that heat can be distributed throughout your home. This can be very costly, especially if your older home is fairly large in size. With a boiler installation, however, it's not necessary for you to have ductwork installed. This can save you quite a bit of money on your heating system installation.

Avoid Damaging Your Older Home

You might want to maintain your older home's condition the best you can. You may want to avoid cutting holes in the floor or ceiling to install ductwork, for example, since this can have an impact on your home's condition and value. Plus, it can impact the authenticity of your older home. You may prefer to install a boiler heating system that will not require all of this retrofitting to be done.

Enjoy a More Energy-Efficient Heating Option

Even though there are many things to love about an older home, one downside is that your home might not be as energy-efficient as newer homes. After all, your home might not have been built with the same energy-efficient standards and materials that are common nowadays. To keep your home nice and warm, you will probably want to choose an energy-efficient heating option if possible. Since boilers are often considered to be more energy-efficient than some other heating systems, you may find that installing a boiler will allow you to keep costs reasonable when heating your older home.

Make Your Older Home Feel Cozy

Many older homes are drafty and can feel a bit cold in the winter. You might know this from experience; in fact, it might be why you're looking to install heat in your home in the first place. If you would like to make your home feel cozier, you might prefer a boiler. After all, boilers use radiant heat, which many people find to be cozier and more evenly distributed than forced-air heating, which is what you'll have if you choose a furnace.


2 February 2022