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Boiler Problems That Need To Be Addressed During The Warmer Months


Just because you aren't using your heating doesn't mean you can forget about your boiler. There may still be some issues that you need to address when you are only using the boiler for hot water. The following are some of the problems that may need to be fixed while your heating is off:

Electrical and Boiler Control Panel Failures

Any boiler problems you may have during the summer months could be due to electrical issues. The electrical problems with boilers are often due to wiring issues and damaged control panels. After you check the main power to the boiler, you may want to have a repair service inspect your system if it is still not getting power. They can also inspect your heating system thermostat and the settings on the boiler to ensure these issues aren't the cause of the problem.

Burner Problems That Affect Boilers

The burner is another area of your boiler that can cause problems when you need it during the summer months. Several components of boilers can fail, such as fuel delivery systems, blower fans, and ignition systems. When these components fail, the boiler will not have any flame to heat the water. You will need to have a boiler repair service inspect your system when there is no fire coming from the burner.

Bad Thermalcouple and Sensor Issues

Thermocouples are important components of water heaters and boilers. These are special devices that are used to ensure these mechanical systems are working safely. There may be other heat and pressure sensors that can cause problems with your system. When these components fail, they shut the boiler off for safety, and it won't work until they are replaced.

Boiler Tubing and Exhaust Pipe Issues

Boiler tubing is important to ensure the water insider the system heats up efficiently. Over time, carbon builds up, and the tubing inside the boiler can become less efficient. Some of the repairs that may need to be done are cleaning the tubing or having your boiler retubed. If a boiler needs major repairs due to the tubes, you may want to discuss options to have it replaced instead of repairing the damaged tubes.

The issues with your boiler will need to be repaired to ensure they don't get worse and affect your heating in winter. Contact a boiler repair service for help with these repairs when you need them during warmer weather.


4 June 2021