Doing Your Part to Keep Your HVAC System Running

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The Sound Of A Faulty Furnace: Diagnosing Common Problems Based On Sound Alone


For many homeowners, the sound of a furnace humming is little more than background noise that is filtered out on a daily basis. Only when a furnace begins to make a new sound, do the vocalizations of your heating system become a concern.

The type of sound being produced by your furnace can tell you a lot about the type of problem that is plaguing your heating system. Listen closely for these sounds when diagnosing common problems with your furnace.


A high-pitched whining noise coming from your furnace can be serious cause for concern. If you suddenly start to hear a whining noise while your heating system is activated, the problem could be with your furnace's shaft bearings.

These bearings need to be properly lubricated to prevent the metal-on-metal contact that might damage them as they move while your furnace produces heat. Take the time to oil your shaft bearings if you hear your furnace start to whine in the future.


Loud bangs can startle you and your family. These types of banging sounds typically occur just as your furnace kicks on. The likely culprit behind these loud bangs is a burner igniter that has gone bad. The burner igniter is responsible for generating the spark needed to ignite your furnace's fuel source to heat air that will be moved through your home.

When the burner igniter goes bad, too much gas can build up inside your furnace's fuel chamber. When the faulty igniter finally sparks, a loud banging sound is produced as the excess gas is burned off. Replacing the burner igniter should allow your furnace to kick on without disrupting your day.


If you hear scraping sounds coming from within your furnace, you need to turn the furnace off and immediately contact a repair specialist for help. The distinctive scraping sound coming from your furnace is probably the product of a failing blower.

There may be a loose piece of metal bouncing around inside the blower chamber and hitting the blower fan blades as they rotate. The scraping sound could also be the result of blower motor mounts that have come loose.

Allowing your furnace to continue running with a faulty blower could result in significant damage that will require you to replace the entire unit. Schedule an immediate inspection and avoid using the furnace until repairs have been made. For more information, contact a company like D & R Service Inc.


14 March 2018