How Does Dry Indoor Air Affect You?


As the temperature drops going into winter, so does the level of humidity in the air. Dry indoor air in the winter is more than an annoyance. It can cause health problems, and it can also be taxing on your HVAC system. Here's a closer look at how dry indoor air impacts you and your furnace, and what you can do about it. How does dry indoor air affect you?

9 February 2016

Three Fun Ideas To Keep You Warm While You're Waiting For A Furnace Repair


A furnace that breaks down should warrant an immediate call to a contractor (such as one from Absolute Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning) who can visit your home and get the system up and running quickly. A house without a functional furnace can lead to issues such as frozen pipes, which can create a considerable repair bill. If you have a short wait ahead of you before the contractor can get the necessary parts to repair your furnace, there's no sense in being miserable and shivering in the cold.

8 December 2015

How To Clean Your House Of Mold Without Toxic Chemicals


While it's true that using more traditional methods such as ammonia or bleach can often be an effective way to get rid of mold, there are some downsides to this approach. It's often better to try other methods if you want to stay green. The Problem with Ammonia and Bleach The reason why ammonia is so effective at killing mold is because it will basically kill everything. It's dangerous to humans as well as mold.

18 November 2015

Gas Furnace Not Heating The Home? Check The Fresh Air Intake Pipes


If your gas furnace isn't heating your home properly, you may think that there's a problem with the appliance. Although furnaces can break down or stop working because of fuel problems, leaks and clogs, the problem could actually lie on the outside of the home instead of inside it. The fresh air intake pipe may be the cause of your furnace's inability to heat the home. Here's how you can repair or secure the fresh air intake pipe to help your furnace work better.

11 November 2015

Setting Up Your Own Greenhouse? Better Have a Backup Generator


If you have your own greenhouse, you need to make sure it stays the correct temperature in case you have a power outage and your heater(s) or HVAC unit shut down. You may also have an irrigation pump that needs to stay running all the time. One way you can ensure your greenhouse has power is by using a backup generator. This way, your plants and flowers are still provided with their proper environment to grow.

10 November 2015

Trouble With Toilets: 3 Fixes For A Sweaty Tank


Toilets are subject to a wide array of issues and malfunctions, none of which are more baffling than a sweaty tank. But while many consider this phenomenon a mere curiosity, the fact is it can lead to costly damage to your bathroom. If you have a toilet that's got a case of the sweats, read on. This article will introduce three ways to neutralize the issue. Drip Tray When the condensation on your toilet tank builds up enough, it will begin to  drip down onto your floor.

4 November 2015

Ancient Furnace And No AC? Get With The Times And Save


Did you purchase a home that had an old outdated furnace and no air conditioning? If so, there are a couple of options to consider before you purchase any new appliances for the home. You can get units that are going to make the house comfortable and save you money at the same time. When you have a heating and cooling professional come to your home to tell you what the cost will be for a new furnace and possibly more, ask what the most energy efficient options will be.

2 November 2015